Saturday, September 5, 2009

After a rough morning my day is pretty good me and mia laid down and i got her down for a nap and i got to talk to brandi on here lunch break. i can wait for her to get home not much longer really its really been slow today i havent really felt like doing much really im just ready for brandi to get home Oh and Britt got me some CHINESE FOOD and it was good and i watched that national treasure 2 it was really good but thats all i have to blog about its been a very slow day


well For the most part for the past two day my dogs she has been sick i took her to the vet yesterday she always wanted to ride with me somewhere and i promise her i would, but it wasn't how i planned everything went good at the vet got her some shot and some blood test to hopefully find out what was wrong with her but she did enjoy riding with me she loved looking at the cars go by so I'm happy i got to keep my promise to her but sadly this morning she past she was about 3 1/2 years old she is brandi's dog i just came into the picture we became really attached to each other she loved to run around the yard with me and walk with me she was a great dog and she will be missed by many its just gonna be hard for the next couple days cause im so use to havin here with me when ever i go outside cause she went where every i went when i was out side she would keep me company in the barn while i lifted weights i would talk to her and she would always lay with me down in the barn when i just wanted to relax but i know she is in a better place now she isnt hurtin anymore so that gives me peace within to know that she isnt hurtin anymore .

Friday, May 22, 2009

My day

Me and Brandi had a great time today before she went to work i cant wait for her to come home tonight!! Other than that i cleaned to room and Played some NCAA 08 on the 360 Watched some cartoons with Mia and we shared some Ice Cream ANd while online put some online applications in. I say im having a pretty good day ....... cloudy outside i like it dont get me wrong i like a pretty sunny days but a cloudy cool day with out the rain is will do me fine but its the sunny days i really do enjoy cause i get to take Mia outside and play.

I think i will probably end up going to the bed room and play some on the acoustic see what i can come up with ;)

but thats my day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Pretty Great day today over all"

My day today was an over good day i got to spend some time with my family and got shoppin a little and i got a new cd (knights of the Abyss) there pretty good. Got some good checkers today yummy !!!! and then we had to go back to best buy and trade this messed sponge bob dvd for another one so that was fun more time with family and i went and saw my dad and its always good to see my dad after all he is the only family i have left around me that is close enough to afford to see everyone else is hours away :( so im always happy to see my dad cause were good grounds now cause we use to never talk until i was like 17 or 18 its a long story seperated parents and the whole deal but everything is all good brandi i at work not long til she somes home but she has to work all day tomorrow but she does get off at eight .......................... And now im sittin at home watching the babies play but i guess thats all i have to blog about today so until i guess next time i keep ya posted

EXpressing me

**What I've learned today: That even the darkest clouds have the softest silver lining. Sometimes, you just gotta look hard enough so that you'll see it.

I read this on someones profile and im sure it makes alot of sense in there perspective but i wish that they could use what they learn to look harder to find the Silver lining in our cloud.

"NeW VaN"

Hey my dad Called me today and told me that he was proud that i found a job and that made me feel good to hear that and he was like i have something for you like a ride you just have to get some kinda air stimulator thing for it but it runs and i mean dude im so grateful for it i mean it was basically free and i have a job i can get my own insurance hopefully and fix it up yay

But thanks alot dad kudos to you bud!!!!

NOrth Carolina Trip

well i just got back from rome over night which wasnt that bad cause it was suppose to be three days, but now at the end of this month is a north carolina trip for a week and want to go cause i mean its a new job and i need money cause i dont want to borrow money from other people cause it always a hassel and now that i got this job that i prayed so hard for and i have started trying to read more of the bible than i normally do which is none but when i started to do so good and one day i just prayed for a job and then i got a call and i have one and now my wife wants me to through it all away she could possible careless if i lost my job just put it that way she told me but she wants me to ask to see if i can back out of the north carolina trip i mean i just started and i will probably lose my job and i mean umm i dont know about every one else but job arent as easy to come across like they use to be. i have been doing so good i havent smoked in a good bit now i got a job and back in church and all i want is all is some one to be like you know hey good job, or like the good work is payin off, or like im proud of you but shit it just gets worse i told brandi that after this week trip there will be no more i will just tell them i cant do it anymore but i just dont know anymore i mean everyone else is happy for me why can't you be?